Each of our nurseries offer a unique range of activities and extras. Please contact your nearest nursery to learn which exciting activities they offer.

Did you know that your kids can take part in loads of fun activities at our nurseries? From swimming and soft play to gymnastics and learning to play soccer, it's all going on.

Swimming Lessons

We help children become confident little swimmers with regular lessons at our local swimming pools.

Football Club

Football lessons give our little ones a chance to learn about teamwork, develop movement skills and have a good kick-around outdoors!
Language Lessons Gallery

French & Spanish Lessons

Our pre-school children are given the opportunity to explore another language through regular lessons with our visiting French & Spanish teachers

Drama Classes

Our drama classes encourage confidence and creativity in all of our rising stars!

Gymnastics and Gymbobs

Gymnastics and Gymbobs classes at our local community centres provide a fun challenge for our little ones.

Song and Dance Factory

We love visits from the Song & Dance Factory! Our children develop their creativity, confidence and movement skills through these fun and energetic classes.