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With over 50 years’experience in all aspects of residential property, Candy Homes helps homeowners, tenant buyers, landlords and investors move rung by rung up the property ladder. We offer clients across the UK expert confidential tailored advice on achieving their goals.
Whether our clients are looking to make the switch from tenant to homeowner, sell an existing property quickly, add to, or realign their property portfolio or simply find the ideal investment, here at Candy Homes our wide experience of the residential market enables us to get things moving quickly.
We take ownership of the entire process for each and every one of our property transactions, liaising with all the various parties involved. With a keen eye for trouble-shooting and problem-solving, we remove the hassle for our clients, every time.


We help motivated homeowners sell and move on quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re up/down-sizing, relocating, coming to terms with a life change or struggling to make payments, we can help. We manage your sale for you to maximise your price in the most efficient time-frame. If timing is critical and you need funds quickly, we can also make you a cash offer.


Many tenants would love to own their home and not be beholden to a landlord. We match aspiring homeowners who don’t yet qualify for a mortgage with their ideal house in their chosen location.

Our tenant buyers rent their homes with the option to purchase in anything from 18 months to 5 years’ time. We offer tenant buyers certainty to plan and budget for their future, with a fixed rent and purchase price, in a home they can maintain and improve from day one.


Whether you’re an accidental landlord, or been in the industry for decades like us, we can help you build your portfolio, divest surplus assets, or re-purpose problem properties. It’s not easy being a landlord – include us in your power team to ease the burden so you can focus on the aspects you most enjoy.


With interest rates at 1.5% at best, money in the bank is a wasting asset. It is well known that residential property offers some of the best investment returns available. Whether you’re a seasoned property investor, or an ‘hands-off’ investor wishing to access returns of 20%+ we can help. Contact us to discuss your aspirations so we can help you design your property investment plan or work with you to fulfil your existing strategies.

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