This is the third section of the Day Nursery.

This time is very important in your child’s life. He or she is preparing to enter mainstream school. The right curriculum is essential at this stage. We employ highly qualified staff to ensure an optimum learning environment is created for your child at this stage. We combine the Reggio Emilia approach and Montessori so that children learn independently, through developing their interests and being creative.

Your child will gain enormously from the small groupings and family atmosphere of this section of the Nursery. We aim to keep the intimacy of the earlier environments and combine it with a wider educational, and skills based curriculum. Your child has the opportunity to learn essential basic skills, so that he or she will enter school well equipped to handle the sometimes difficult situations, as they arise. We have had many teachers within local schools tell us that they recognise our children from their confidence and understanding when they enter the school situation.

Each group of children  spend much of their time with their individual teacher, in their ‘home base’ for register and story times, and other rooms for specialised activities.

Each group follows a structured day with library, number, reading  and art sessions each day. Children use their imagination, enjoy dressing up, role play and pretending; all vital ingredients of language development and understanding the rules of social interaction.

We use numbers and measures in our everyday activities including through cookery which is done on a regular basis.


Our lunches are home cooked on the premises. All children receive a lunch every day. Our cooks will cater for special diets where necessary and vegetarian choice is always available. We have designed the lunches so that they adhere to Government guidelines for Healthy Eating. Our lunches endeavour to always use ingredients that are additive free. We are aware of the adverse effects chemical additives can have on the health of children and we like to use fresh ingredients wherever possible.

Organic milk and a healthy snack are served at break times.

Our children set the tables, and pour their own drinks. They cut their own fruit and serve to each other, learning to say “Please”,

“May I have a ….”

“Would you like a ….”

“Thank you,” and

“No thank you” –  as appropriate. We encourage our children to interact with their peers at mealtimes, lunch is a very social occasion!

The Outdoor Learning Environment

The outside area is our strength. It is an area we are particularly proud of. Not only do we have an acre of garden that includes a grassed area with numerous pieces of climbing equipment and slides etc., we have a playground that has an amazing mud kitchen, a construction area and a role-play area. The area, as large as a tennis court, allows children the opportunity to go out and explore the outdoors whatever the weather.

In addition to our garden, we have an outdoor classroom that is home to an array of bugs and leaves for exploration and examination! The building is used as a base for our Forest School lessons and experiences with Johanna, our Forest School Leader. Johanna has an ecology degree and a love of the outdoors. She has an amazing passion for the environment and is fantastic at sharing her ideas with the children.

The Forest School is a magical place that children enjoy on a regular basis. The garden was once derelict and in the past two years has been transformed into an area where children can plant an array of fruit and vegetables, go pond dipping, cross rope bridges, play in a mud pit, go bird spotting and many other activities.

Super Sports

We employ Super Soccer to visit us twice a month, which gives the children a fantastic opportunity to enjoy sports ranging from football to ball games. Fully qualified and trained instructors work alongside nursery practitioners to give children the best possible experience.


All children have regular assessments. Staff observe the children daily and record assessments into the child’s Learning Journal. The journal is available for parents to take home whenever they wish, to show members of the family and to add their child’s interests into. We work in partnership with the parent/carer as much as possible. Staff are happy to discuss children’s development with Parents, this can take place at the end of the day, or if more time is needed, it is requested that parents make an appointment. The nursery welcomes parents to book parent’s evening appointments once a year and to come in and enjoy our twice yearly open evenings.