Our Rooms

In our Baby Room we have highly experienced staff whose priority is to follow the home routine of each baby as closely as possible. Our baby room has a very warm and cozy feel and offers opportunities for children to explore all areas of their development. We provide a variety of stimulating activities in a caring and friendly environment in order to promote growth, challenge and development. All planning will be displayed on the room wall for you to view and see what activities and development your child will be participating in that week.

Parents are asked to supply milk to ensure continuity between home and kindergarten for all babies. We are a breast feeding friendly nursery and support mothers returning to work and still wishing to breast feed. Staff are trained in the storage and use of breast milk and we welcome you visiting to feed during the day where possible.

Children in the Tweenie Room are cared for under the supervision of qualified and experienced staff (Staff ratio 1:3). A range of quality experiences and opportunities are provided for the continuing development of your child. We follow the pre-birth to three curriculum alongside the well-being indicators for getting it right for every child.

The period in the Tweenie Room provides for a smooth transition to the toddler stage by adopting a more challenging and varied approach to the day. The experiences and opportunities available to children are based around the children’s own individual needs and interests and we take on board all feedback from our parents on their child’s likes/dislikes and where they feel their child needs support or challenged

Each child’s day is recorded for you to take home so you know exactly what your child has been up to.    

After the Babies and Tweenie Room we will look to move your child to the Toddler Room. This should happen when your child is about 2 years old. We will discuss the transition process with you before any room changes happen. In the Toddler Room children are cared for under the supervision of experienced staff (Staff Ratio 1:5).

Our Toddler Room follow the pre-birth to three curriculum, alongside the well-being indicators for getting it right for every child. Ensuring that children’s own needs are being addressed and that they are given opportunities to extend their own individual learning and development.

We will also introduce early numeracy and literacy skills and also wellbeing to start to develop the skills necessary when moving onto the children’s pre-school year and also school.

Each day children spend time outside in our play areas or local park. Your child’s day is recorded for you to take home so you will know what they have been learning at Kelvinside Kindergarten.    

In the 3-5s Room children will follow the Curriculum for Excellence (Staff Ratio 1:8).

Our 3-5 year old children have the opportunity to move between three play rooms guided by their interests on a daily basis. The rooms are well thought-out to give children the opportunity to be as creative and curious as they like. Every area offers self-selection, which means the children can lead their own learning as well as taking part in group times and carefully planned activities to extend their own individual learning.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that when children leave the nursery to move on to school they do so confidently and independently, taking with them the enjoyment of learning and a pride in their achievements. We strive for your child to have the following skills when leaving the nursery: recognising and writing their own name, demonstrating good observational skills, showing preliminary reading skills, able to confidently control a pencil, showing creative skills and knowledge of numbers. At the end of each year our children take part in a graduation ceremony where they are presented with their leaving certificates and there is always a special giving of a gift to mark the end of their time at Kelvinside Kindergarten!    

We love to get outside here at Kelvinside Kingergarten! We have a safe and secure outdoor play area for our children to enjoy year-round, equipped with a mud kitchen, balance beams, a construction area, sand and water area, planting area, and a weighing and measuring area.

As well as access to our fabulous outdoor play areas, children of all ages enjoy regular walks in the local area. Our youngest children are often seen out in our double buggies enjoying the fresh air, sights and sounds of the local community. We use Walkodile Child Safety Systems and high visibility vests to keep children safe when out on trips away from the nursery. We believe there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing – so we ask parents to provide their children with appropriate clothing for all types of weather, from wellington boots to sunglasses!