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Focused on analysing the quoted small company sector in the UK makes Sharewatch different. Our platform frequently outperforms the FTSE 100.

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Within our site you will find details of our stockmarket newsletter - The Small Company Sharewatch (SCSW).

Launched 26 years ago in December 1993, Sharewatch is an independent monthly newsletter that alerts you to outstanding opportunities amongst lesser-known growth stocks.

It is available by subscription only and is published by Equitylink Ltd, an entirely independent organisation.

Buying a subscription to the Sharewatch newsletter allows you full and unlimited online access in addition to receiving the newsletter in hardcopy each month. Click here to buy now or read our 1-Minute pitch.

Remember, past performance is not an indication of future performance and you may lose some or all of the money that you invest in shares. The performance of individual companies can vary widely and some can fail. Most of the shares covered are smaller company shares which can be riskier to invest in than blue chips. This makes it even more important to invest based on good information.


Fast growing small companies provide big profits for well informed investors each year. Quite often, a share price takes off and it's surprising that nobody had thought of it before. Here at Sharewatch, we specialise in discovering exactly those kinds of companies before they become widely followed. Each issue gives in depth analysis of individual shares.

A virtual portfolio based on all 174 main profiles in Sharewatch between 1st January 2010 and 31st December 2016 rose by an average of 84.9% on a mid-to-mid price basis, excluding dividends and dealing costs (as calculated at 21/4/17 - publish date of May 2017 issue).

The secret of success is to choose your stocks carefully, buy a spread and take a medium-term view. To illustrate this in action, we operate a portfolio within the pages of the newsletter and we recently launched Growth Portfolio 3.

Launched on 2nd January 2015, with a starting capital of £100,000, Growth Portfolio 3 is a virtual portfolio based only on selections in the newsletter and it is already showing a gain of 189.7% compared to the FTSE All-Share, which is up just 16.4% over the same period.

Growth Portfolio 2 was launched in March 2001 and by the time it was terminated on 28th November 2014, it had gained 1207.3% versus the FTSE-100, which rose just 17.5% over the same period and the FTSE-All Share, which rose 34.4%.

Our first Growth Portfolio, Growth Portfolio 1, was launched in November 1994 with a starting capital of just £25,000. It had delivered stunning growth of 1089% by the time it was terminated in July 2001.


Trade Recommendations

  • "Imagination Technologies 116p was another coup for the Sharewatch newsletter, which studies a wide range of smaller companies. Its tip at 20.5p contrasted with sector analysts who were writing off Imagination Technologies."
    Edmond Jackson, Sunday Telegraph
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    "Spots the value before the crowd."
    Financial Times
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  • "Well worth the annual subscription. The monthly issue contains profiles of attractive situations, updates and plenty of good advice." 
    Jim Slater, Beyond the Zulu Principle
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What Readers Think

"After being a subscriber for more than 10 years, I still firmly believe SCSW is the best source of beneficial company information for the private investor in UK stocks. I can personally verify that the increased investment value derived from SCSW's coverage of UK smaller company stocks each year far exceeds the annual cost of its subscription."
RW, London
"I am a long term subscriber. The subscription is the best investment I have ever made, you have a real gift for investment analysis."
PM, London